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Getting to Your Next Tipping Point

Share this post!Coming out of a corporate environment, we often see the business plan as a heavy document that sits in the corner and bears no reflections what happens on a day-to-day basis.  With the world changing so rapidly, the concept of the business plan seems so last century. Most of us appreciate that, with […]

Five Excuses That Keep You Procrastinating

Share this post!Have you ever noticed how creative we can be when we are looking for excuses to procrastinate? Did you know that you could transform your working life if you learned to channel that creativity and effort into productive pursuits? I have some good news for you: it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you […]

Famine or Feast… Can I Stop This?

Share this post!In our business, why can’t we just get the clients we want, as we want them? Does this sound familiar? It’s got a lot to do with overcoming overwhelm and having a plan and focus that pushes us beyond our procrastination. Let me explain my story. Scaling the business to counter this cycle […]

Getting Past “I Don’t Know What To Do”

Share this post!Here’s a paradox for business owners: we are all busy in our businesses, yet we spend too much time staring at a blank screen or procrastinating about following up after that networking opportunity. What’s worse, it is time we just don’t have to spare. We lose so much time because we’re unsure of […]

How Procrastination is Eating Away at Your Business

Share this post!What business task have you put on the back burner lately? Perhaps a more important question is: How much is neglecting that task costing you? Procrastination doesn’t seem costly. You think to yourself: ‘it’s just a minor thing and I’ll get to it another day right?’ But then a week goes by, a […]

My $100,000 Dollar Mistake…

Share this post!Trying something new isn’t always easy. You know, sometimes doing things a different way is really uncomfortable. Just try crossing your arms naturally. You know like your standing there having a conversation and just feel like crossing them. Now put your arms in the opposite order, I naturally put my left over my […]

The Great Thing About Moving is…

Share this post!Moving, office or home… Can be a bit of a drama, well not this time. I decided to take a different view. I know we all look forward to our new premises and we leave with a little nostalgia. Sure all that has been happening. Then there’s the packing up, deciding what to […]