My $100,000 Dollar Mistake…

My $100,000 Dollar Mistake…

Trying something new isn’t always easy.

You know, sometimes doing things a different way is really uncomfortable. Just try crossing your arms naturally. You know like your standing there having a conversation and just feel like crossing them. Now put your arms in the opposite order, I naturally put my left over my right. When I put the right over my left it just feels awkward… You?

Anyway, that’s a minor point but it is one of the reasons we put off doing things and you may have read about the true cost of procrastination the other week.

The point here is, when you’re used to doing something one way, most of us keep doing that.

Recently, however, I tried to break free from my routine. And boy was it a mistake.

A Great Mistake

Being a regular blogger I was trying to improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of my blogging.

A friend has been developing an app called Writally, it builds recipes for you to follow. You answer questions and Writally gives you a colour by numbers process to follow to write your blog. It’s great stuff. A mate Richard Comer, who helps people buy the car they desire, managed to write three blogs in the space of 2 hours using this at a recent workshop.

This program asks you key questions to keep you on point. It then keeps you on track. Sorry, but I didn’t plan this well enough to use it this week just in case you’re wondering.

So the program tells you what to write, sort of. Just like a recipe, it gives you a step by step guide to writing your blog. And here’s where it gets interesting and my mistake happened.

When the program asked me what I wanted to do for my audience, one of the responses was to challenge them. I like to shake it up a little and get people thinking. So YAY… “Challenge” it was…

And the recipe came back. “Describe the challenge you want to create”

Changing Your Thinking

All of a sudden I was thinking differently about what I’d normally automatically do. Just seeing that from a different perspective forced, yes, forced me to think differently about what I was about to do.

Instead of just writing away a piece that would challenge the thinking, all of a sudden I was being asked to create a challenge.

So what practical challenge could I create?

That simple question started something great. My mistake in how I interpreted the question managed to turn my thinking on its head.

Now I needed to create a challenge.

A New Program was Born

It was the birth of the 28 Day challenge.

Looking into the most common challenges for small business owners and leaders, three stood out from the pack. Procrastination, Confidence, and Overwhelm.

So how could I start helping people immediately? What is the most obvious and quickest to shift, became the key question.

Procrastination was the clear winner!

To Stop Procrastination I Had to Act

There was the point. Action beats procrastination. The challenge is, purposeful action is needed.

Purpose I have by the truckload. So I created a 28 day challenge and commenced the first one 5 days later.

The program is designed to assist you by helping you:

  1. Appreciate why you’re procrastinating
  2. Selecting the most appropriate project to commence
  3. Identifying key Milestones
  4. Creating accountability

All whilst being nurtured through the process with group facilitation and coaching.

In the first group, from 10 people, everyone got moving.

Did they all achieve their original goal… of course not.

We have an innate ability to overestimate what can be achieved in a short time while at the same time, underestimating what we can achieve in the long term.

Here are Some of the Results

  1. Sandra Price, Price Bookkeeping Solutions: Established procedures around her key clients and saved 20 hours per week that was just being consumed running around in circles. That time is worth $72,800 to her annually. She’s now looking for clients to fill the void… Does anyone need a bookkeeper?
  2. Caleb Harry, The Growth Agency: Realised that several clients were seeking the opportunity to market internationally. China and India specifically. With the project being set he put in place the process and already has 5 key clients marketing into those countries… He’s still working on the numbers but places it in the hundreds of thousands range. If you’re looking to market internationally I recommend you speak to Caleb and his team.
  3. Kevin Morrissey of Office Heaven, they provide everything offices, stationery to furniture and all in between. He knew he needed to automate his ordering process. Getting all stock into one system to enable quotes was the first cab off the rank. With this, he managed to take the time quoting and reduce it from potentially a couple of hours for a large order to minutes… And He’s moving to the next part and putting in place the ability for clients to log in and place an order that can be automatically quoted and set up for delivery. This will save huge time and also improve customer service all at the same time.
  4. Helen Yost, of Tradettes is building Australia’s first all-female plumbing service. She’s passionate about the unreasonable treatment that women often encounter in the trades and is combating it by creating opportunities for training and development whilst offering excellent service. She started blogging regularly so she could be recognised as a leader in this movement and got a handful of applications within weeks of starting. Prior to this, she’d been trying to attract staff with very average results. If you’re seeking a plumber and want to help shake up an industry that can be left in an age gone by… contact Helen at Tradettes.
  5. Graham Golding was looking to get moving and identify and build relationships with key business referrers. Through the month, he managed to focus on this and the work started flowing in. Graham is building a network of home service providers, so if you deliver services in this area and would like more work, contact Graham. If you use anything from cleaners, gardeners or any home maintenance professionals and would like to find a network that cares about the quality of their service and long term relationships, definitely contact Graham.
  6. Two clients went right back to the drawing board and reviewed their complete service offering. They went to analysing what they were already known for, their traditional clients and what they thought of them and started to refine and focus their energy on building their business delivering exactly what their clients sought.
  7. Darren Burgess of The Video Authority Network, was stuck. The network had done little over the last 6 months and he needed to invigorate it. In 28 days, he started to get active, engaging the audience and growing the group by over 60. The group is more engaged than ever and anyone thinking of using video in any way in their business should join, ask questions and learn from Darren and the experts in the group. He’s delighted with the result.
  8. And me… Well, I’m delighted to say that helping people stopping to procrastinate is awesome. We’ve already helped this group and another will finish next week. We’ve created easily hundreds of thousands of dollars in difference to these people and are passionate about helping more.

All this from a mistake.

More importantly, with the help of funding from the government, this program valued at $493.50 comes into just $147. Think of the return on investment there. Many of these projects delivered over $50,000+ to clients and were projects they’d been putting off.

Action has Its Rewards

So does getting out of your comfort zone.

If you’d like to join a 28 Day Challenge we have several coming up in the next month. Follow the Growth Mentors Events or contact me for how you can stop procrastinating and unlocking the hidden value in your business.

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