May 2014

Bosses, Leadership and Management… What’s your style?

I’ve been reading an interesting book, “Quick and Nimble – Lessons from Leading CEO’s on how to create a culture of innovation” by Adam Bryant. It’s a great book and I’d recommend it to any aspiring leader. It’s full of anecdotal evidence from CEO’s of how to create a great and innovative culture within your […]

Less Integrity than a Bikie Gang? Really?

The integrity of a Bikie Gang… In his introduction to “Organisations Behaving Badly”, Michael Leunig postulates that most businesses behave in a way that has less integrity than a bikie gang… At first offensive, but when you think about it, once you get over the basic premise of these organisations, those that are proud to […]

Its not about the Vision…

Where there is no vision the people perish… Remember that from Sunday School? Let’s not get in the religious history of that statement today; what I do want to focus on is the Vision and the important role that plays. You see I’ve been looking into what separates the great from the ordinary. What is […]

Planning to get there…

You know how much fun it can be planning a holiday? And how that same holiday is improved with the fact that you found out some interesting facts about your journey before you left? And in fact with that you were able to save time, effort and sometimes money because of the research and plan? […]