June 2014

7 step to business Growth this year

There are three major points in the year that seem to resonate with people: Their Birthday 1 January – New Year Financial New Year Now in Business sometimes the birthday is replaced with the anniversary of the business and sometimes this is in addition to the others. One thing I see as a Small business […]

5 things stopping your business growth

Recently I’ve been completing a lot of work around leadership, for my own business, building a workshop series for clients and general research. It’s no surprise that growth and leadership go hand in hand.  However this isn’t just around leadership. 1. Not being clear on your own objectives Many small business owners fail to articulate […]

Is your leadership style holding your business back?

You see the best performing organisations in the world often don’t focus on the money first.  Look at organisations like Google & Facebook. Founded as a free service and only later became the commercial giants they are today. Organisations like Flight Centre locally, with a very strong culture that has always been driven by the […]

4 ways your leadership could be holding your business back

Leadership is a challenge. In fact when asked what the greatest challenge is in business, most business leaders will reply it’s about the people; finding people, Motivating people, getting people to work together in harmony and of course letting go of those that don’t want to play. Simply put it’s all about harnessing the collective […]

Failure and Innovation Leadership

Failure is bad… right? That’s what we’ve been told from a young age… You have to win, you have to be right. Right? Well no! In fact failing is one of the best things we can do. Here’s why. Let’s first imagine a Utopian world where you just can’t fail. Everything you do works first […]