September 2014

It’s about time… and Clarity

One of the great things about Coaching is the opportunity to see a great variety of ways people see the world.  It’s always intriguing. Being a curious type, it’s fascinating to see how people shape their world. What does this have to do with time? With making up your mind and really getting on with […]

The Art of Leadership

With all the experts out there providing different insights into leadership, the one thing that is certain is… Great leaders get more from their teams.  They produce consistently against the odds and they tend to develop leaders from within their team. So how do they do this?  I’ve been researching this and believe it comes […]

Focus… Small Business Success in just 2 steps

Focus… As the owner of a small business I really appreciate how challenging it is to focus!!! You all do. There are so many competing things to do. Sometimes I feel I’m running at 100 miles an hour but I’m not sure in what direction.  I’m travelling so fast there’s no looking back and I’m […]

Onwards And…Well No Where… Until…

Onwards And…Well No Where… Until… When IT infrastructure and business systems consulting firm owner Tom felt he wasn’t moving forward, he realised it was time to reassess his situation. “After starting the business four years ago and experiencing good growth initially, things had stagnated. I participated in another business coaching program for about 18 months […]