June 2015

5 Steps to Sustainable Small Business Growth

Growing your small business is one of the challenges we all face. Making sure the business growth is sustainable is a key element of all successful small business. So with all the competition out there, how can you continuously stand out from the crowd? Time For Reflection I’d like to provide my experience from an industry […]

7 Steps to Your Business Budget

Why is a budget important? Surely if you work hard and deliver a great service You’ll be rewarded financially – won’t you? Maybe… Maybe not. Having been a recruitment company owner through the GFC and being well connected through running the South East Asian arm of an international recruitment network, NPA Worldwide, I saw a […]

Predicting Your Small Business Success…

As this financial year draws to a close and we embark of a new year with new opportunities, the usual challenges and also some new ones… How can you be sure you’re going to achieve your desired goals? Emotional Intelligence – the single most significant predictor of success “When emotional intelligence first appeared to the […]

Are you and your business self-aware?

Self-awareness, It’s an age old issue in fact the Oracle of Delphi some 2000 years back said “know thyself”. After all Daniel Goldman, in the early 1990’s coined the term Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) and self-awareness is the cornerstone of this. Our success is primarily determined by our EQ not our IQ. Know Your […]