July 2015

Stop Procrastinating! Don’t Put it OFF!!!

From time to time we can all put off some really important stuff.  Like doing up your shoes… Or even more important stuff, yeah, stuff that you know you really should do. We’ve all done it. Me, I’ve put off writing my book, it’s underway now, yet at times it goes through fits and starts. […]

Survey Results – Brisbane Small Business

So the results are in! With 50 responses, yes 10% of the population, and that’s more than enough to get a picture of who’s here. So thanks to all those that responded from the Brisbane Small Business community. Often when conducting such surveys only those responding get the results, and we’ll find a way to […]

Small Business, Who are we?

Recently I was in Sydney visiting my family. You see Dad’s about to turn 80 and we had an early 80th for him. Getting back to where you came from is always exciting, catching up with family and friends can be great (generally is) and yet it can also be really busy. As an example… […]