August 2015

What Can Bring You the Rewards You Deserve?

In small business, it’s about a lot of things. It’s about commitment, knowledge, productivity, experience and lots more. You ask a thousand business owners and you will get hundreds of answers. For me, I’ve discovered 3 phases of business that made a difference in my world and can in yours, too. Let’s begin with the […]

Your Comfort Zone isn’t as safe as you think

There’s that old saying, Nothing good ever happens after 2:00am… Well, I don’t know about that, so I’m going to add to the challenge… Nothing good Happens in your comfort Zone. Over the weekend I was reflecting on the life of Bart Cummings.  He’s provided a lot of Australians with the joy of winning the […]

A Story of Persistence…

What would you do? Imagine you’ve got a dream… Imagine that dream involved helping others Imagine that dream involved helping others help others… You set about implementing your steps, you build the infrastructure… Remember Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come…”   In the Beginning So you build it… You build a […]