February 2016

Building Confidence and Doubling the Business within 12 months

Onwards And…Well No Where… Until… When IT infrastructure and business systems consulting firm owner Tom felt he wasn’t moving forward, he realised it was time to reassess his situation. “After starting the business four years earlier and experiencing good growth initially, things had stagnated. I participated in another business coaching program for about 18 months […]

5 things to do when S**t goes wrong…

Sometimes **it Happens Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. You can dream big… Have a plan… Carry out appropriate actions… and still sometimes things don’t go how you wanted. Right? “Hell Yeah!” is what hear you say, or that could just be the echo in the office. You either have a goal…or going through […]

The Puzzle of Motivation

Watching a TED Talk yesterday I was wondering how this can be applied to small business owners. It seems that we’ve been going about motivating people all wrong. When I say we, I actually mean mainstream, corporate thinking. So maybe not us specifically. Their structure and process of financial incentives and rewards for performance doesn’t […]