March 2016

Beyond Survival… The most challenging first step!

Last week we discussed taking a broader perspective.  The path out of survival was to take the focus off yourself and short term results and start to focus on the broader picture. Oh… and we had a surprising twist with the house… I’ll tell you about that and lessons learned too. Continuing our series from […]

From Survival to Entrepreneurialism in just 5 steps

Small business is challenging. There is a lot to do!!! “No S#!t Sherlock!” I hear you say. Marketing, selling, creating plans, executing plans, accounts and bills, collecting money and even the networking, and you haven’t even delivered your product or service yet. You’re busy, I get it. We’re in the same boat. I’m not about […]

The War Within…

With international women’s day recently this isn’t going to be a story of the battle of the sexes… It’s the battle raging inside of us! The battle within us all, constantly between the things we know that are good for us long term, and the things we enjoy right now (or the things we don’t […]