August 2017

Five Ways Your Ego is Costing You Customers and Success

It’s Not Your Ego; It’s your Pride Maybe a technicality, but for me, our ‘ego’ is what allows awareness of how we fit. Our Pride is what makes us want to fit. It’s our fragile pride that gets offended when others think differently or challenge us. Fear of Failure It’s the most overrated fear there […]

Getting Your Business Groove Back

Time is money… but us small business owners often found ourselves trapped in a paradox. Sure, we have a lot of things we need to accomplish, but more often than not, we spend a lot of our time looking blankly at a screen, not achieving anything important. Though we don’t really have enough time to […]

Confidence Always Comes First

All of us wear many hats. Parent, business owner, technician, leader, marketer, bookkeeper, sales person, administration etc. In some of them, we’re extremely confident and yet with others, we can feel lost, insecure… even invisible. Running a small business requires this… for us to have different roles to many people.  To our clients, we’re a […]