October 2017

Why am I Attracting the Wrong Clients?

Have you noticed, the people that come to you aren’t quite right? They don’t have the money, or after a discussion, it’s just not the right time? Some Small Business Statistics It might shock you to know that 29.7% of small business turnover less than $50,000 annually. Now that might not be you there’s another […]

Smart Business is All About Relationships

If you own your own business or even if you’re a leader, one thing will have you standing out. What ‘Gladiator’ Taught me about Relationships I was catching up with friends after work last week. One of the characters (yes my friends are all characters) I hadn’t seen for years. We were chatting about what’s […]

Are you really ready for a Coach?

Background It’s been a few weeks since Sal KLittle asked about the option of getting some business advice from someone. Here’s the original post she shared with the group: It has received massive feedback from the community, with 1.2k views, 29 likes and 18 comments… we can see that a lot of people were interested in […]