November 2017

5 Steps to Get Past “I Don’t Know What to Do”

Here’s a paradox for business owners: we are all busy in our businesses, yet we spend too much time staring at a blank screen or procrastinating about following up after that networking opportunity. What’s worse, it is time we just don’t have to spare. We lose so much time because we’re unsure of our next […]

The Price of Free Stuff

We all love something for nothing. Scrolling through my feed recently, I found a post “I’ve unsubscribed from over 200 lists this morning.” What a relief, it was like decluttering the house. Have You Been Researching, Collecting or Hoarding It’s so easy to check stuff now, although nobody’s really sure if you can trust the […]

How Can You Tell an Industry is Ready for Disruption?

Personally, I think the term Disruption is overused, so let’s explore how we can use the warning signs in business, our team and even in the industry as an opportunity to stand out as leaders of substance and purpose. The challenge should ever be to disrupt but to offer a better solution. Innovation is great […]

Sprint to Christmas, Let’s Kick those Goals for 2017

You know that feeling when you can’t get on with anything useful. You find yourself getting to the end of days on end with that gut-wrenching, “what did I accomplish today, helplessness.” Putting off things you know you should do will create that. Even when they’re not staring you in the face, there’s a part […]