3 Phase Growth Strategy for you and your business

3 Phase Growth Strategy for you and your business

Growth Strategy Incubators

  • What’s your Vision?
  • Would you like more clients?
  • How about more consistency?
  • What’s your Growth Strategy?

If you, like the majority of business owners have ever worked for a well-established or larger organisation, maybe you can remember some team building or start of year rar-rar sessions. You know the ones.  “Let’s get together and get behind the Vision…”

Learning from Big Business

Years ago, almost 30 years ago to be honest, I was working as a Budget Accountant for Wellcome Pharmaceuticals, ever heard of Codral Cold and Flu, that’s them. They also developed the world’s first HIV product but that’s getting off track. Here I was responsible for Budgets. Budgets and Forecasts. Each Quarter I would lead the budgeting process. In fact I was responsible for holding Directors of this publically listed company to account over the deadlines for their budgets.  Scary stuff for a young accountant working for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in his early 20’s.

The technology was atrocious, typing budgets into a computer without a monitor.  The only way to verify the information was to print it out at the end.  Then if there was an error I’d have to re-input the line month by month. It was a nightmare.  The budget process was eventful and deadline driven.  Long days, late nights and the business had 4 major divisions to account for. It was 6 weeks of absolute mayhem. However, their growth Strategy was clear. They had focus.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the business, however there were few major surprises either. You see the process kept each director, each manager on top of what was happening within the business and looking forward.  Rolling quarterly forecasts predicted the pattern for the next 2 years on a quarterly platform and the budget process was a “Zero Based Budget” process.  Meaning we started this from scratch each year.

The rigor of this process ensured everything had been considered. No stone left unturned. It was a great learning experience.

The one thing I took from this role was the fact that “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. Some people add in another Pee in the middle.

Help for small business owners develop a growth strategy!

3 Phase Approach

Firstly, bringing Clarity and focus whilst helping the owner move forward, from simply ‘doing’ the business and being run by the business, to the realisation that their business is theirs, they don’t belong to the business. Since it’s theirs, we put them in control of the business and stop the business dictating to them.

Secondly, putting them in control of the business. Ensuring that the business understands completely what it is to do and bringing a strategy, standards and a predictability to the business. It doesn’t matter if the business is just one person seeking freedom or a team looking to grow. The strategy is about leadership, Self and team leadership.

Thirdly, we work on the action plan, creating benchmarks and milestones. Assisting the owner with a roadmap to ensure that the business is both on track and moving towards the defined Vision. This gives the owner a process for self-improvement and evolution to constantly improve their processes and their business.

Combined, these three phases create a strong roadmap, a clear growth strategy to build your business!

Now the Queensland Government is offering Parents with a Child under the age of 12 the opportunity to use a service provider to help them build a strategy, a strategic plan. This is an amazing way to gain clarity and get real focus about your business. So we modified the program, retaining all the key elements and refined the process to successfully create a strategic action plan within the time frame.

To help you take your business out of being busy to building.  Here’s what one client had to say:

Since joining Growth Mentors and the Incubator Group, I have found the information presented invaluable. Meeting once a month is perfect and having a small group of 6 is a great size as everyone is able to ask questions and solve each other’s problems in a personal manner.

One of the best things about the Incubator group is that I received FREE coaching once a month from Kevin Gammie – Small Business Growth Specialist.

We take time to go through my business as a whole, not just one aspect and my business has grown immensely.

I have been given practical advice and tips which I have implemented and I am pleased to say that the money outlaid has been returned through my business tenfold.

Thank you!


OR from start-up David Pitman of Cloudouble:

I’ve been doing the Incubator program since January 2015 – taking this on while in the process of launching a new business seemed like a risk, but it has turned out that anyone NOT doing this when launching a new business are the real risk takers…

It’s brought me to a place of clarity, focus, urgency and intelligent action. Imagine First’s programs do what they say on the box.

At a personal level, Kevin regularly goes well beyond the call of duty and clearly has “found his mojo” doing what he loves (and is really, really good at).


If you’re looking to take your business to the next level like Tan, or even to get started like David, we’d live to help you out.

Call me on 07 3121 3272 for information on how you can join an incubator FREE with help from the Queensland Government Home Business Grant package. Applications close THURSDAY 24 September!!! THIS THURSDAY be quick.

Or email me at kevin@growthmentors.com.au

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