5 Steps to Simplifying Marketing and Sales… More Clients for Less Effort

5 Steps to Simplifying Marketing and Sales… More Clients for Less Effort

If you’re a bit fed up…

  • You know there’s a better way
  • You’re a bit tired of trying to juggle everything
  • You could do with a little direction on how to get more paying clients!

Because of this your business may not be providing the lifestyle you desire… yet!

A New Hope

I’ve news. Good news. There is a better way. As long as you know of at least one other business that is succeeding in your market, there is a way.

However, if you don’t start doing something different, it may not happen for you. That being said, you may not have to change much. You’re already great at what you do and have clients that tell you so. Right? Hell yeah!

If you’ve already got all the clients you can handle or desire, save your time and read something else, it’ll be a better investment of your time. If not, I’ve some great news.

Remember What it’s About

Business is about making money. Enough for you to have the lifestyle you desire. To do that you’ve got to sell or at least get enough clients.

Here is the challenge, some people seem to be born to sell and the rest of us… well we’re better at doing what we do, which isn’t selling but that doesn’t get us more clients.

Some of us just want more sales now. Am I right? So last week’s discussion about the 5 steps to Scaling up your business isn’t for everybody and maybe not you right now.

So let’s talk about a process, a simple process where you don’t have to sell, not really, you will need to help people though and I’m betting you enjoy that a whole lot more.

We’ll explore the keys to identifying your ideal client (as a prospect), attracting them, and then bringing them on-board as clients. Even if right now you don’t have an ideal client.

So let’s say I want more customers! Yes Please!!!

Step 1: What problem are you solving for them?

We buy stuff all the time, different products and services. We buy all that stuff for only one reason. Because we want to. It helps us relieve pain or provides pleasure. It solves a problem for us.

As an example: I’m Hungry, I go to Subway.

Problem/Pain: Hungry

Solution: To get away from the pain of hunger get subway.

Example 2: I buy a ticket to the footy

Problem: I want to connect with friends

Solution/Pleasure: Catching up with friends and having fun with them. Whether it’s going for coffee, the pub or even an event, it’s about enjoying your time with others.

So when we buy stuff it’s about the whole pleasure/pain thing. We want to solve some need. We’re not going to part with our money unless it’s for pleasure or to get away from pain.

Why is this important? So you start to understand why someone will choose you! This will help you to position your business as the obvious choice for your prospects.

For my business it’s about helping prospects get more consistent business. Would you like more clients? More consistently? Moving away for the pain of uncertainty and poor cashflow? Read on…

Step 2: Finding Customers (the right customers)

Customers don’t just appear, you’ve got to find them. When you find them, they don’t know you, so why would they give you their hard earned money just so you can enjoy doing what you do, even though we both know you’re great at doing that and well worth what you charge.

The point is, they don’t know you and don’t know how good you are. They, your potential clients, just see you as another service provider looking to take their money.

The first thing you need to do is to work out who you help the most. Who is it that gets the best value from what you offer? If it was Subway… its hungry people.

When I first commenced my coaching/mentoring business, I was a bit challenged by this. I’d developed a broad skill set and could help people from a lot of backgrounds. I was trying to market to everyone. Guess what… Nobody or at least only a few, saw that I was offering what they needed.

So get specific, since you’ve been doing your business for a while now. Who gets the most out of what you offer?

I’ve found that the people I’m best suited to help are those that are great at what they do, but confused about who they’re trying to attract… Maybe they’re still trying to look great to everyone and nobody’s buying that.

Are you great at what you do? Spending too much time trying to attract clients and not enough time doing the stuff you enjoy, serving them and making money?

Step 3: Be attractive to them – Be who they’re looking for

This is a bit more in depth. Remember that story about the boy, the old man and the donkey… It’s an old fable by Aesop. If you don’t know it the old man was taking the boy into town. They decided that they’d take the donkey (did I mention it’s an old story) just in case they got tired.

AS they walked along they passed a woman, “why are you both walking and not riding the donkey?” she asked. Thinking this was a good idea, they both got on the donkey and continued until they met another old man. “You fools, both riding the donkey will wear it out. Why are you both on it?” With that the old man got off and they continued a little further. As a young man passed he commented “Why Boy are you riding the Donkey and not sparing your grandfathers legs?” and so they changed position and a little further on another commented, “why sir, do you think you’re so high and mighty? Why does your boy have to lead you so…” By this time, they realised, it didn’t matter what they did, someone would be offended, and they continued as they pleased, walking side by side leading the donkey until they reached town.

You see, you just can’t appeal to everyone. My advice is to stop trying. Apart from that you can’t compete with the advertising budget of the big businesses in your industry. So think about who you enjoy most working with. Think about what they’re looking for. How can you help them?

When I did this I realised that the people I most enjoyed helping had big dreams, but maybe not the budget just yet. So I’ve sourced out some government funding to help people get training in getting more clients.

As a result I’m able to run a workshop that would normally cost $197 for just $49.25. I’ve negotiated the government to pay half, and decided as a gift that I’d go halves in the difference…

Sound good?

Want to find out those last two steps? Come along and I’ll let you in on the secret!!!

Here’s the link: Attracting the Clients You Want! https://growthmentors.com.au/event/attracting-the-clients-you-want/ It’s being held on Friday 7 October (Next week) at 10:00am at Bowen Hills. If you’d like to call me to discuss I’m available on 07 3121 3272.

Hopefully I’ll see you there.

Photo Credit: “Man, son and donkey” by Prohealthlaw

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