6 Step Business Plan

Create A Business Plan - $1,495 individual single day rate (for groups check availability)

1. Where we are – Where We’re going

An appraisal of your business now
i. What you have
ii. What you know
iii. What you manage
iv. The Strengths
v. The challenges

Deciding on where the business is going
i. Get clear – A Stake in the Ground
ii. Who’s your client
iii. What do they buy
iv. How much do you really need to sell

2. Your Marketing Strategy

a. Product Market Fit
b. Messaging
c. Budgets
d. Channels and spend

3. Designing the Operations to fulfil clients’ needs

a. Getting clear on what’s important
b. Delivering on that
c. Establishing Standards
d. Building an operational & staffing plan

4. Building a Financial Plan

a. The difference between profits and cash flow
b. Developing the Profit and loss statement
c. Understanding Cash flow impacts
d. Looking at your balance sheet

5. Developing Milestones & and Action Plan

Identify Key milestones
i. Marketing
ii. Sales
iii. Staffing
iv. Capital/assets
Building basic scorecards
i. Marketing
ii. Sales
iii. Operations/Client success
iv. Admin/Finance

6. Create an Executive Summary

a. Key Players
b. Identify the challenges
c. Close the gaps
d. Key Financial information

Your Investment

Total cost - $495 for all 5 sessions

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Move away from "I just want to grow" to having a definite action plan.