Who We Are

Kevin Gammie is the founder of Growth Mentors. With a background in Accounting for Fortune 500 across the industries of IT&T, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing, before joining the world’s largest Recruitment firm and rising to a State Management Role in Queensland.

Kevin established his first small business in 1999, a recruitment business he grew to $3.5M with a team of 15 in Brisbane Australia.

Since selling that business in 2012, he’s embraced his passion for small business establishing the Brisbane Small Business Facebook community.

His belief that Small Business shouldn’t be lonely is part of the drive that ensured the community grew beyond 3,500 members within a few years. Hosting Business Expos, special interest events and networking meetings is just part of the plan to provide small business leaders with opportunities to grow, themselves and their businesses.

Our Approach

Understanding is the key to success. Understanding yourself, your strengths & the gaps. Understanding your clients and what they’re seeking, and understanding your team and how to inspire them to deliver exceptional service.

We take the building blocks of emotional intelligence and using that to create the business you desire.

Focusing on you, your leadership and your business to develop

  1. Awareness of what there is to do
  2. Plans, strategy and processes to take your business there
  3. Developing a process of efficacy, constant improvement

We find that whilst some want to reach for the stars, others seek a successful business that provides a great family lifestyle.

For this reason we have programs that suit your needs at each developmental stage of business. From starting out, to exploring rapid growth and scalability options.

Our packages range from ongoing coaching from under $100 per month through to private coaching services designed to develop you and your leadership team.

Why Choose Us

Growth Mentors is a collective of business support professionals, each trained in their field to ensure you get the right specialist advice.

Our primary goal is to ensure you have a successful growing business with a strong plan and stronger leadership.

Our Business Coaches and Business Mentors: Utilise the Business Mojo program and methodology ensuring a focus on developing emotionally intelligent leadership within the business who re focused on developing their team members.

Our Marketers: Work with you to develop a marketing plan that will attract the clients you want. Through Traditional channels as well as digital and social media strategies.

Our Accountants: Provide professional strategic advice to help you make sound financial decisions, protecting your assets and ensuring that you only pay the appropriate amount of taxes.

Our Bookkeepers: Work for you to ensure you’re always on top of your financial affairs and reporting so you’re always on top of your business.

Our team work together to keep you in charge of your business and provide you with the highest quality professional advice that is always aligned to your goals.

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