How to Double Your Business – Three Years Straight

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin Meet Melissa—Telstra’s Young Business Woman of the Year Finalist 2018. Melissa’s passionate about building a better industry – the Electrical Trades industry. A strange world for a young woman, but don’t tell Melissa that. Her business, The Add Staff Group both recruits for the industry and mentors apprentices. She developed a partnership […]

Are You Showing Your Clients You Care?

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinMelissa asked me the other day if we won the $70M Lotto, what would you do? “I’d ramp it up” was my simple reply. I’d invest more in my clients, prospects and local small business. My Passion – helping small business owners and entrepreneurs lead fulfilling and successful lives… connecting over 5000 small […]

Get Referral Quality Leads Online Without Becoming a Marketing Genius

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinBusiness networking has been around for three quarters of a century in an organised manner, Yet although quickly refined into a source of referral quality leads back in the 60’s and 70’s little has really changed in structure and substance since the mid 1980’s – Until now… From Wikipedia:  In the second half […]

From Flat Out Busy and Feeling Flat to Confidence in Business and Earning What You’re Worth!

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinAmber’s Challenge – Confidence First Her passion for owning her own business in IT overtook her better judgement. She was confident in her and the team’s abilities but not in building the business beyond where it was. The freedom she craved was really hurting the business. Amber’s business is “10 years old, and […]

Easy to Connect, but Engagement??? A Strategy to Create for More with Less

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThe digital age presents a new world of challenges. Connection is easy – Engagement is more challenging. Establishing Brisbane Small Business took a lot of time and energy. A lot of holding the values we established, and while the group grows, holding the line of our values continues to be a challenge, but we […]

Four Ways to Help Your Business

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinLike you, I’m a small business owner. I appreciate some of the challenges you face. It can be lonely, sometimes you have questions you’d just like an answer to and at others you wish you could find an easy inexpensive way to stand out from the crowd. I started the Brisbane Small Business […]