Easy to Connect, but Engagement??? A Strategy to Create for More with Less

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThe digital age presents a new world of challenges. Connection is easy – Engagement is more challenging. Establishing Brisbane Small Business took a lot of time and energy. A lot of holding the values we established, and while the group grows, holding the line of our values continues to be a challenge, but we […]

Four Ways to Help Your Business

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinLike you, I’m a small business owner. I appreciate some of the challenges you face. It can be lonely, sometimes you have questions you’d just like an answer to and at others you wish you could find an easy inexpensive way to stand out from the crowd. I started the Brisbane Small Business […]

Why You Should Care About the Budget?

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinAnother Federal budget and we’re all another year older. The question remains, should we care? Isn’t this all just political mumbo jumbo – smoke and mirrors? And with the challenges of the upper house and getting legislation through, will this be reflected in what actually happens? Let’s take these one at a time: […]

Classy Kurt Fearnley – Thanks… Look Forward to Your Next Challenge

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThere’s Always a Bigger Game – Focus on That For Kurt, instead of being disappointed about who saw what with the closing ceremony, he simply let it slide – it wasn’t important in the big scheme. Here’s Kurt’s view or click here Hiccups, bumps in the road and ultimately what others think […]

Educate and Nurture Prospects and Clients Through Social Media and Beyond

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different result.” – A. Einstein For paid social ads in Facebook and in social media in general, the 2018 landscape will continue to get far more competitive. In fact, if you want to be successful, the first thing you need […]

3 Small Business Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today to Improve Your Life

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThere’s so much crap out there on the internet. Some of it great advice! Some just untruths retold so often that its believed. Quotes are misquoted or assigned to the wrong people. Sometimes they’re just made up for fun or profit. For Fun OK, more fool you if you believe it. For Profit, […]

Networking – Making It Work

Share this post!emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinI’d like to pretend I like Networking, but that’s not true. I get a little anxious, at worst terrified. I put on my best smile and bravado. Often it runs to a script something akin to this; I find another lonely stranger, Confess my unease and often find they share my feelings. Great, […]