Complacency costs… It can be easier than you think to get scammed

In short there is one lesson today, be present wherever you are…

One of my favourite presentations to give is in the 4 levels of experience. Basically it’s about moving what we do up to first level experience, you know the stuff, things your good at and that support you, others and the greater good.

The 4 Levels of Experience:

  1. Things that are good for you, others and the greater good, and they make you feel good
  2. Things that are good for you, others and the greater good but they do NOT make you feel good (often uncomfortable or just plain ordinary)
  3. Things that are NOT good for you, others and the greater good, but they make you feel good
  4. Things that are NOT good for you, others or the greater good AND they do NOT make you feel good

Generally Level 1, is made up of the these things you enjoy doing and in business it’s often the technical things about your business, often it’s the things you got into business to do, they make the money.

We all like to be efficient at what we do and in modern life a lot of use the internet for speed and efficiency. I remember being quite scared at first when buying stuff on the internet.  I would be overly cautious and although I heard you could save a lot of money and time, I remained uncomfortable for a long time about doing business on the internet.

At this stage I was in Level 2… It was uncomfortable, I’d double check everything, I could see the benefits and persisted. It became more natural. So natural in fact that these days you don’t even think about it too much…

Most things (in my experience everything) start out as a level 2 experience.  You know them, sometimes we avoid them, they’re the things that are good for us and others but they’re not fun and don’t make us feel good. They’re often the things we have to do, maybe networking or sales for many OR it could be an area where we’re developing a new skill.

Generally, while doing a level 2 experience you’ll feel really awkward even completely uncomfortable. Let’s face it, when you started to do anything that you’re now good at it was at best uncomfortable.  In the presentation, I get people to remember their first kiss… How uncomfortable was that.

So as we go through and build our skill, and move that skill into level 1 it can become second nature, it becomes something that over time we become unconsciously competent at.  Just think about how you got home from work yesterday.  Driving is one of those things.

So how did I get scammed and what’s it got to do with any of this?

Well, I was in the midst of a number of projects, building a custom workshop for a client, multiple EDiSC profiles to do, I’d been growing and bringing on new clients and developing some IP that has me really excited. In all I was VERY busy. You know those times. There just doesn’t seem enough hours in the day.

Along with this my 50th birthday is approaching and family and friends were hassling me about organising the event (it’s six months out and as it is in the midst of the school holidays people wanted to know what was happening). So frantically searching for somewhere to go and take close friends and family…

So searching familiar websites and found a place.  I checked all the relevant facts and then booked and paid for the house, a beautiful home in the Byron hinterland.

A week later, I’d not had a confirmation of receipt of the funds sent, I sent an email without response… It was then I realised that with the fact that I was so busy, I’d not spoken to anybody. Everything was handled by email, I’d placed too much trust in the ‘familiar’ website and just trusted their processes. The event had moved into Level 3

At level 3, we often find that complacency kicks in.  Hence although it generally is still feels good, it may lose it effectiveness and it isn’t as good for us, others and the greater good.

Most people bounce between Level 1 & Level 3, focussing on how they feel. But we’ll talk about that another day as this event quickly drifted straight to Level 4, Events that are NOT good for us or others AND do not feel good…

Like the world, everything is growing or decaying, you’re green and growing or ripe and rotting as the saying goes.

So, what did I learn from this experience…

  1. Always deal with people, after all that’s why we set up Brisbane Small Business in the first place. So local small business owners, could deal with other small business owners who they could identify with, and hopefully build lasting relationships of trust.
  2. Where you can’t deal with someone you know, be present and completely aware of what you’re doing. Just Pay Attention. Be careful, not everyone has you’re best interest at heart.

In the meantime, apart from having a little laugh at my expense please join in the conversation – belong to the Brisbane Small Business club.  There is already 175+ members and we meet up regularly through the meet-up page. Here’s the links.

Facebook:     Brisbane Small Business  175+ members

Meet-Up:       Brisbane Small Business   230+ members

Come along and meet like-minded small business owners keen to learn, share and grow, just you and I. In fact, the more we get together the more of a community we all become.

See you real soon.



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