Confidence Always Comes First

Confidence Always Comes First

All of us wear many hats. Parent, business owner, technician, leader, marketer, bookkeeper, sales person, administration etc. In some of them, we’re extremely confident and yet with others, we can feel lost, insecure… even invisible.

Running a small business requires this… for us to have different roles to many people.  To our clients, we’re a master of our trade.  In this role at least, we’re confident.  Yet technical brilliance isn’t enough.  We see time and time again examples of poor quality workmanship in businesses that seem to be going strong.

As a small business owner myself, I know that you take great pride in what you do. That you pour loving attention into every job into every client.  Yet building a business is more than just doing the job well.  It’s about building a great business.  It takes strategy, leadership and execution.  It’s about courage and most of all, it’s about delivering for clients. Delivering what clients seek in a manner they appreciate and at a price they feel is valuable.

Learning from Experience

Having owned and operated my own business since 1999, I’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly of business ownership.  I’ve built a business to $3.5 Million and seeing that almost disappear with the GFC.  I’ve recovered, sold that business and started again in a new industry. I’ve tried to start several different opportunities that haven’t got off the ground. At times, I’ve been great, and at others been an extremely poor leader. I’ve had brilliant ideas that went nowhere only to see an industry flourish out of the same and survived to serve another day.

It’s easy to look at someone else’s business and be jealous at the relative ease with which some people seem to grow.  It’s easy to compare the success of others to our current situation and to start beating yourself up.  However, success really comes easily.  It’s normally the result of overcoming the same failures that you’ve been experiencing, carrying on and living to serve another day. A more successful day.

Small Business Challenges are Different to Big Business

The challenges of small business ownership are so very different from that of running a big business.  Marketing is the supreme example. In big business, marketing is about developing an ongoing plan of continued awareness, such as McDonalds’ bombardment of TV advertising. Yet for a small business, we don’t have that luxury of time and general awareness or the financial resources available to big business to maintain the ongoing saturation of market appeal to masses.  Looking to move beyond survival is about strategically getting every dollar to create a return… of someone investing using our service specifically. Marketing efforts need to be beyond just building our tribe. They need to be targeted specifically at delivering an awesome experience that inspires prospects to buy and become our customers now.

Here’s where the small business marketing challenge is very different.  Getting specific and very targeted about how we can help them is absolutely critical.  It’s a two part question: 1. What’s the problem we can solve? and 2. Why use us?

Even Top Businesses Miss the Mark

Recently, when I attended a digital marketing workshop, I discovered from one of the world’s leading digital marketing specialists that only two in 10 of their programs are successful.  This was one of the largest digital marketers in the world and here they were admitting to a success rate of two in 10. Imagine how you would feel about having a success rate of products or programs with those sort of numbers!!!

This is exactly where our challenge starts.  If the world’s best digital marketers have a success rate of two in 10, how are we as mere mortals, meant to achieve anything better? And yet we beat ourselves up when we don’t get the desired result on our first time.

Success is More than Just Being Persistent

The majority of men meet with failure because a lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of the plans which fail

– Napoleon Hill

Understanding the appropriate business model for our business is at the heart of understanding how to grow our business.

Think about it. Selecting the right approach to business is at the heart of your business success and the ease with which you grow. The first step to success is choosing a strategy that can take your business from where it is– relying on you and just your labour, to create a business where serving all of your clients is the cohesive result of a team working together.

So what’s this got to do with confidence?

Through discussions with thousands of business owners over the years, the one thing in common among businesses that have flourished is the ability to project confidence. True confidence!

This is no fake it till you make it strategy. It’s the application of a belief that their efforts are worth every cent they charge. PriceWaterhouseCoopers charge more than your local accountant because the ‘machine’ delivers confidence that they offer the greatest value. Whether they do or not is then irrelevant. They believe they do!

Overcoming ‘Imposter Syndrome’ isn’t about convincing yourself that you’re delivering value… it’s about continually appreciating the value your clients already find in what you do for them.

Start believing on your clients’ experience… on their feedback! You’ll realise your value in that and be confident to share that value with others.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about… Testimonials of Ambient iT, Add Staff Recruitment etc…

Right now, I’m keen to help a number of solopreneurs move beyond a business of just them, people who are keen to expand their business and seek to create a business they can one day sell. Others I’ve assisted with such a path are here… From building your confidence to building your business

If you’re deadly serious about building a business, book a 15 minute discussion to see how Growth Mentors can help you! It’s a call that could change your business and your life!

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