Does Your Market Know Your Brand?

Does Your Market Know Your Brand?

I, like you run a small business. Mine is still what I’d call the early phases. Just over three years old and really just finding my feet. Small business owners are different from others, the logic of employees doesn’t fit our mould.

If you’re one of the small business owners that is achieving everything you want… if your business is creating the lifestyle you seek, then this week’s blog has nothing for you. Keep doing what you’re doing. Congratulations. Me I’m still learning and sometimes that inspiration comes from unexpected places.

Building a Business, is Not Just a Job

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve discussed how freedom is something we need to create through focusing on our clients, and by truly getting focussed, you’ll attract more of your ideal clients more quickly.

When looking at the business that seem to be getting it right, the Virgin Brands, Apple, Nike and Facebook, there is a clear pattern. They’ve created brand awareness. I appreciate that statement is a little ‘no s#!t Sherlock’, of course they have. They have the resources to do so. It’s easy for them.

We can all find reasons/excuses why it’s easy for others. Why our predicament is different, why success eludes us. Of course we can, until we stop accepting those excuses.

Creating anything of value takes energy. So my question is… Do you have the energy to make your business the success you and your family deserve?

Knowledge isn’t Power… The Information Age is Dead!

We, you and I have all the information we need at our fingertips. We can consume it in a variety of ways. We can read books, watch documentaries, movies, biographies or simply google any question you want. The result is that information, once thought to be valuable, really has little vale at all. To be honest, most of us take it for granted.

We’ve been offered ‘the secret’ to everything, the 5 steps to anything and the top 3 mistakes we all bake doing whatever! Yet somehow, the magic pill hasn’t worked, or at least hasn’t worked yet.

So what’s holding you back?

With all that information, added to the fact that you already truly know you deliver a great service, what could possibly be getting in between you and the success you crave.

I’ve a theory that for many of us it’s about the brand. For some time, there has been an ongoing discussion about personal branding and I’ll confess I just didn’t get it. Personal Branding? What?

Through the week I was at a breakfast session, “The 5 Mistakes of Marketing… and how to avoid them”. I appreciate that my marketing has been off. I believe that marketing is something you need support with, an outside view. Someone to help you see your business, see what you’re doing for your clients and assisting you to present that to the market.

Anyway, a point came out when talking about websites around confusing and ineffective messaging, it was suggested that this was where having a clear brand, a clear message, a clear focus would make all the difference. And that’s when it hit me.

All of a sudden, the realisation came… What I’d been referring to as your Business Mojo, was all about creating a clear BRAND. This is why clients were growing rapidly, changing just small things to make their BRAND make sense, to them, their team and to clients and prospects.

“After completing the Business Mojo Kickstarter I was able to meet my business income goals within a few weeks from ridding myself of some self-limiting beliefs. My one on one coaching has commenced and is all about taking my business to the next level (growing in sales and consultants). After my second one on one coaching session (the very next day actually) I have engaged a new consultant a brand new client and started putting systems in place to continue the growth of my business. This is powerful change I wouldn’t have seen without Kevin’s support from doing his coaching program.”

Christina Toon – Enhance Business Support

Another Client let’s call him Darren, had been struggling with moving his business forward. He’s been operating a consultancy, yet felt that the consulting industry lacked a true value proposition for their clients. He thought of the big consultancies as a little dirty, more often than not providing a result that was suboptimal and charging excessive fees for the privilege. With such a belief, he struggled to see where his business was really going. He preferred to see himself as a contractor, as a result, his General Manager, kept encouraging him to become a permanent employee. And then the penny dropped… It wasn’t the Industry… It was just some players. Some of the key businesses had created a rigid system that protected themselves through tightly defining a scope that left little room to move once started.

With this new appreciation and redefinition about his industry, Darren was able to start moving forward again. He could see that being a success in the industry wouldn’t require a compromise of his ethics. It was a matter of clearly defining what he was doing for clients. Continuing to lead award winning projects, providing strong strategy and an active project management implementation that delivered optimal results.

Take Time to Define Your Brand – Your Mojo

Your brand isn’t just a symbol. It’s not just some words, it’s a clear Vision of where the business is going, what you really do for clients, its more than the actions you complete. It’s the whole persona of your business. It’s defining clearly the problem you solve, the style of your business, creating an expectation of what you deliver and making it easy for your prospects to do business with you.

When your brand is clear, the business will flow. Look at Nike, and ‘just do it’. This is what your #businessmojo is all about, creating a clear brand promise for your business.

If you’d like to get clear, build your brand and get focused take the time to work on your business. Register Here

If you’d like some support there is still a few seats available with our next program in just a couple of weeks. Your Business Mojo Kickstarter or simply call me on 07 3121 3272 to get started.

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