Focus… Small Business Success in just 2 steps


As the owner of a small business I really appreciate how challenging it is to focus!!!

You all do. There are so many competing things to do. Sometimes I feel I’m running at 100 miles an hour but I’m not sure in what direction.  I’m travelling so fast there’s no looking back and I’m so busy forward seems a little blurred also…

Sound familiar? I was speaking to a client recently who was just not making the inroads they wanted.  They seem to get a few projects on board and then without their constant attention, little cracks start to appear. They’ve been restricted by the desire of clients to see them, not their team.  They in fact have become the bottleneck in their processes.

Through our discussions this became clear. I asked him what his worst fear of letting go was. He said, the business could fall over and he could go broke.  It would be a complete failure. At that point we knew where we had to start…

Once that was out there, we had ground zero… Now it was time for us to focus on what was really important. What was the real issue, not that going broke wasn’t dramatic, it just wasn’t an issue. As a Small Business Consultant, coach and trainer, I often come across people who are so focussed on what they don’t want that that becomes their reality.  Avoiding going broke in this instance was my clients reality.

How about we focus on what we do want. Prosperity, freedom, success, clients… the list goes on.

We do seem to play a lot of funny games in our minds.  I was discussing with another client getting some accurate reporting out of his team. He mentioned that he’d never been a fan of KPI’s (key Performance Indicators) he felt that ‘monitoring’ his staff was a negative exercise, and in fact as he’d never been committed to completing such reports how could he ‘impose’ that on the team.

We discussed the background of this. By the end of that discussion we were talking about Critical Success Factors, how beneficial it would be to have clear guides as to what needed to be done AND in fact how reporting to the success factors could be beneficial to him and to the team… It could really give them the focus they needed to take the business forward.

Today I’ll get you to think of just 2 things… 1. What do you need to focus on for the success of your business? 2. What critical success factors could you put in place to ensure your success?

If you’re seeking some assistance in this area, please contact me on 07 3103 3100.  I’m offering a free introductory session to explore what could possibly be holding your back and to find your critical success factors.

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