From Survival to Entrepreneurialism in just 5 steps

From Survival to Entrepreneurialism in just 5 steps

Small business is challenging. There is a lot to do!!!

“No S#!t Sherlock!” I hear you say. Marketing, selling, creating plans, executing plans, accounts and bills, collecting money and even the networking, and you haven’t even delivered your product or service yet.

You’re busy, I get it. We’re in the same boat.

I’m not about to tell you how to run your business or what to do! That’s critical. You’ve got so much going on before you get to your business. Your family and friends, your health and fitness, keeping abreast of what’s happening in your industry and finding time for your personal interests… oh, and there’s the household finances. Or maybe this is just my journey.

If you’re still reading, some of this may have a home truth about it. Surviving in a small business is challenging.

Sometimes it feels like a game of snakes and ladders

You see, the challenge we face often isn’t the challenge we need to address. Sounds stupid I know, but hear me out.

Sometimes our challenges keep repeating. It’s not always obvious, but occasionally (or more often) we repeat a pattern that takes us back to where it all began. You know the old two steps forward, three steps back.

It’s the patterns. Socrates talked about the world be all cause and effect.  When you do similar things you get similar results. Same thig same result. It’s a law of nature, just like gravity.

Getting off the round about is about changing something. Generally that something is us! Yes to change our circumstances we must accept change.

First steps… Taking back control

We’ll almost, regaining control is actually the second step. It’s a journey. Initially we need to stop living for the next job. Part of that is understanding that we’re not alone.

Small business can be a lonely place, appreciating that others are feeling exactly the same is a great start. Joining a community of like minded people can be a huge relief.

We’re all unique – YES!!! We have common challenges, fears and questions – abso…bloody…lutely!!!

Join the Tribe – the Community

Joining a community where you can help others who’re experiencing similar challenges and who may have, but not talk about similar fears is a great way to get out of survival mode. It helps to appreciate, we’re all human.

Belonging is a huge thing about being human, feeling like a misfit at any level is a challenge, a fear many have. So join a tribe, one that you relate to. It really is the first step in taking back control!!! It reminds us that no matter what’s going on in our lives, we’re in this together.

That’s where the Brisbane Small Business community can help. So join the Facebook group or even the LinkedIn Version, it’s younger and just getting traction, but they’re really one and the same.  We’ll make sure there are events that relate to you and your business on a regular basis. Get out there mix, mingle build relationships.

Learn about others and you’ll realise that there is more that we have in common than that which divides us.

Take the Focus off Yourself

Sometimes we are our harshest critics!

Give yourself a break. You may be surprised to realise, you’re only human, we’ll that’s what I found out. When I let go of the insecurities and false bravado, the aloofness that created a barrier between myself and others, not letting them get too close.

When I allowed others to see that we share similar fears and challenges, I found that through helping others, I was really starting to help myself. My insecurities we fading into the background and the real beneficiary was me. Saying that I don’t assume others are just like me… We’re all unique, but we do have a lot in common…

Taking control, Step 2 and more next week…

Sorry, I’ve got to run to get ready to Day 2 of Your Business Mojo Kickstarter… We’re having a ball, exploring creating a business that’s over the confusion, doubt and procrastination and reclaiming the Confidence and Focus of success and profitability.

Speak soon!!!

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