Coping with growth, change and scalability – What can happen as a plan comes together…

Sometimes it all seems to come together a little too quickly…

I remember hearing a story of a successful entrepreneur who at one stage went broke. When asked how it happened he said “slowly and then all of a sudden”. Well it can a little of the same with the up side of success too. What you’ve put in place and what happens next is critical.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold” ]When a plan comes together[/gdlr_heading]

Growth is good, it’s what we all desire, well mainly, at least to a sustainable level.

As this year has progressed it’s been building in momentum. There seems to be a lot of positivity, a lot of business, getting ready for the next growth phase. For me, the programs are yielding great results for all the members and other members have joined as private clients also. The growth from within the group is fantastic which has resulted in a high volume of work, much higher than anticipated at this stage. Add to this a major project for one of the world’s largest Accounting firms and it’s been awesomely busy.

<h3>Great news… but is it sustainable…<h3/>
And that is where the systems side kicks in. Up until now I’ve been focussing on the Direction, Clarity and confidence. Ensuring these were aligned and holding it together with a good dose of accountability from my coach. Yes, I do have a coach… and he doesn’t let me get away with anything.
I was in one of the Brisbane Home Working Community meetings the other week, we were discussing time management. Kerri Setch was discussing that balancing time management was like the cogs of a watch or clock. Some move really fast, some at a medium pace and some seem really slow, reflecting the seconds, minutes hours and even the days on you watch face. “It’s like you have to keep everything moving, if one stops, they all stop” she said.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold” ]Structures, Processes & Systems[/gdlr_heading]
I love the analogy, I’ve been working tirelessly on putting together sustainable programs, so I can get coaches to work with me and assist more clients. Helping support the coaching between the Incubator, Mentor and training sessions. I’ve identifies one, who’s training is identical to mine, she’s a very caring person and a great coach.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold” ]The Challenge of Shifting Gears[/gdlr_heading]
So some of the long term is looked after. But what about the transition phase… It’s like shifting gears in the car… Remember when you learned to drive, how awkward shifting gears was… At first it was pretty clunky, not smooth at all. Well it can be a little like that at first in business too. When we go through something for the first time, all the theory in the world won’t have us ready for what’s about to happen. It’ll simply be a little bumpy at first. Then with experience, you’ll get great at it.

I’ve organised a client who connects systems so they all talk to help streamline my systems and have everything all automatic. That’s still in process.

It is challenging keeping on top of all the contact, I must confess, I’ve been playing tag with a client for a week. This is a critical issue for me. This is the challenge in transition for me. Keeping up with my expectations of communication. This has been the challenge. I’m working on this, both strategically and in getting back of people on a more timely basis. It’s the greatest challenge I have at this stage.

So, working on my time management, creating systems to help me improve efficiency and processes that ensure effectiveness. It’s an ongoing process and one that will keep improving, because it simply must, so we can continue to build the effectiveness, not just of Imagine first, but of the community of small business, that we work with.

[gdlr_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold” ]Transition and Scalability[/gdlr_heading]
Transition doesn’t have to hurt… and that doesn’t mean that it’s easy, maybe I’m still in the clunky phase, it’s just another learning phase. It’s the key to scalability within your business too.

So if you’re looking for strategies on going to the next level, contact me. We can work it out together. Give me a call on 07 3121 3272 or email

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