How will You Remember 2017?

How will You Remember 2017?

How we remember things does more for our future than we’d care to admit.

So how was your year? What’s your first impression? Great, crap, challenging or learning? To be honest, mine was off of the above.

So what big issues stand out for you in 2017?

On the grand scale, 2017 has been a year that has highlighted many issues. Trump managed to dominate (something he’ll be proud of). Including his treatment of women to North Korea vs The World, Terrorism at pop concerts and chemical attacks in Syria. Cyber attacks on a scale we’ve never seen and even division amongst households and workplaces over some hotly debated issues including same-sex marriage.

On the positive side of things, women’s rights have become more prominent an issue than ever before in the history of the world. There’s been another leap forward highlighting a change to what’s acceptable empowering many people to stand up to the bullies for people of both genders. SpaceX has a successful re-flight of an orbital class rocket. And Australia finally is heard on same-sex marriage, clearing the path for a more inclusive future.

Melissa Mahoney (my partner) celebrated a milestone birthday, Brisbane Small Business continues to grow, surging towards 5000 members and as the year comes to a close so much opportunity is in front of us all for anyone wanting to take it.

Every year comes with some challenges and some highlights we’d love to hold onto forever. How we view what’s happened will shape our decisions for time to come.

Take the whole Trump thing… such a polarising character. The beauty of which is the fact that he’s able to highlight challenges, sometimes unwittingly that cascade to a paradigm shift. I can’t say with certainty that the whole Harvey Weinstein thing is directly related to a newfound strength of resolve for the rights of women stirred ultimately by Trump but…

Wherever there are setbacks, there is also an opportunity. An opportunity for us to learn, to take a different perspective and to change. Changing how we think about things, creating a freedom to look from a different point of view and to start seeing a bigger picture.

It’s the changing view that creates a paradigm shift. The paradigm shift is what enables significant change and new opportunity. This shift won’t happen if we keep accepting the status quo. Think of how the wave of discontent through to disgust went from public rallies through to the courage to stand up to some of the most powerful characters in the world, including Harvey Weinstein.

Let’s Explore

Here’s my recipe to create a paradigm shift in your business

Step 1: Rest

Give yourself some breathing space and unwind before you start planning. For best results, you need offer yourself a little distance between you and the events that have shaped your year.

Step 2: Release

Forgive yourself for the mistakes. We’re all perfectly imperfect. Stuff happens. It’s all in the past. Stop focusing on what should have been and appreciate what did happen, particularly if that highlighted a lesson for your future.

Step 3: Review

Start the process with a review of last year.

  1. Take time to consider first the successes. What worked, went well and what would you like to happen more often?
  2. Then the setbacks. What roadblocks, obstacles, and challenges slowed your progress or even stopped you from achieving your goals?
  3. Can you see the themes – are there recurring patterns in either or both of the above?
  4. Lessons – What can we do differently from now on

Step 4: Resolve

Even resilience. What simple action steps can we commit to, creating the backstop to lift performance

Step 5: Refresh

  1. Refresh your Vision – What is important, what drives you
  2. Create a mission for this year – what do you truly desire to accomplish this year

Step 6: Reset

Establish an Action Plan.

Don’t make silly grandiose predictions that put pressure on you and the business. Just simple stuff that allows you to take a step forward.

Identify the things you need to do and accomplish to be the person and the business you want to have in 12 months time.

Step 7: Refocus

Then get about doing that. Find someone who will challenge you, hold you accountable and help you see clearly through the mess that occurs every year. Someone that will tell you how it is.

Focus on being effective first, then build efficiency.

Be Kind to Yourself

We can only take life one day at a time.

Mistakes happen when we do something new… Make more of them. Keep living and learning.

“Most men overestimate what can be done in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”
– Bill Gates

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