BSB Hot Topics#1: Improving Group Engagement and Opening Doors to More Opportunities

BSB Hot Topics#1: Improving Group Engagement and Opening Doors to More Opportunities

Our top post of the week was about the number of active members we have over the last 28 days. It was a fun game and I hope the winners will enjoy their copies of Finding Your Business Mojo (puppies not included in the package sadly).

In the comments, the topic of engagement was discussed… of whether lurkers are active members or not. Facebook certainly thinks so. The thing is, engagement isn’t always what it seems.

BSB was created to take away the loneliness small business owners feel as they run their businesses. It’s to get people to come together, to connect and engage. This is why we’ve hosted a number of live events. Unfortunately, though there’s engagement online, not a lot of people would show up to our live events. I took it personally at first, but after some time to think about it, I realise that it’s not a bad thing… it’s life!

So where next?

There will be no live events for now… It takes a lot of energy to organise one, and though we love talking to our members over coffee or beer, we just have to temporarily postpone it. We’ll possibly bring it back at a later date, but not until we’ve refined the details.

The Executive Team knows how important these live events are to small businesses. That is why we will be promoting events organised by others instead. Keep in mind, these events will be posted in the group by admins as BSB Supported Events, and not posted freely by anyone. This will 1.) Prevent spamming, and 2.) Let us promote events favourable to the group and our members.

Events that have not been approved will be deleted by the Admins.

Quid Pro Quo

For now, BSB is planning to support two live events every month. One on the first half, and another on the second half of the month. If you want to promote your event, send us a pitch why BSB should support your event.

Here are some things to keep in mind:
1. Events by BSB Supporters will be prioritised. If you’d like to enjoy this perk (as well as the other perks Supporters enjoy), please visit to register.

  1. Send us a pitch 3-4 weeks before your event. This will give the Executive team some time to deliberate, and for the Admins to promote the event once approved.
  2. We will only consider events by BSB active members.
  3. These events should NOT be blatant Sales Funnels.
  4. If it’s a paid event, it’s less likely to become one of our promoted events.

We’re after events that would offer a lot of value to our members. So if you think your upcoming event fits our criteria, Send your pitch at and cc:

(BSB Hot Topics is a twice a week blog series that will further discuss some of our Top Posts of the week.)

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