Levelling the Business Playing Field

Levelling the Business Playing Field

Being a small business owner is tough. Some days are great and you fly through everything, then there are the others. Small business life can be like “Le Misérables” life as a struggle, I’ll come back to this a bit later.

How the Better Small Business School will Level the Playing Field

If you’re a small business owner who has not struggled, others need to hear your secrets.

If you’re a small business owner who has struggled and lived to tell the tale, others need both your inspiration and the secrets to your success.

The Better Small Business School, is about small business owners helping each other, sharing our knowledge, the stuff we specialise in and educating each other to take our businesses to a higher level.

How It Came About

To let you know a little about me, I thought I had a typical life, pretty ordinary really. As we go through life stuff happens. Sometimes it changes us. We carry these things forward, just sometimes not for the better.

As we get to know each other, I’ll share more of my story, but for now, we’ll kick off with the GFC and how it changed my life.

Before it, I was running a small recruiting business. We had 15 staff, offices on Queen St Mall and a turnover of $3.5M. We were doing OK. I had friends doing better, and others not quite so well. As a leader, I failed to interpret the events of the GFC and the longevity, even the structural change to employment in Australia following. To say it caused a little hardship would be an understatement.

This changed my life forever.

I went into a shell, not trusting anyone, too proud to admit my mistakes while taking heavy losses. To be honest, I was pretty arrogant before the crises with a large chip on my shoulder to boot. I recall the day I decided I’d had enough. It was hot; I’d called a former colleague and asked for help. He put me on interview, although I didn’t realise it at the time.

When asked to sum up my situation I replied, “I think the recruitment model is broken. My Partnership model is broken, with equal pay irrespective of effort or output, and to be honest, I think I’m broken.”

The truth is, I don’t want other small business owners ever feeling that helpless.

Even more, I want them to take on big business and to help equip them to win.

The Most Damning Statistic of Small Business

Small business in Australia produces 33% of the revenue with 44% of the workforce. Big Business produce 45% of the revenue with only 32% of the workforce (according to the ABS report of 2016).

That’s only 53% of the revenue per person of big business.

Imagine if you halved the revenue of any big business, they’d go broke!

Sure we have lower overheads, are more agile and flexible, but that doesn’t produce profits.

In today’s fast-paced cloud-based world, the ability of small business to adopt all the practices of big business gives us a fighting chance.

We can fight back!

We can level the playing field!

Four Reasons Business Fail

There are only four reasons for failure in business.

  1. The owners/leadership didn’t know what to do
  2. The business didn’t have the knowledge required or didn’t have the skills required to do what was needed to fulfil customer orders
  3. The business didn’t have the resources required
  4. Someone decided not to do what was required!!!

Getting the Help of Experts

That’s where the School comes in.

A school, dedicated to offering small business solutions, developed by small business owners. A practical guide to small business success. Developed by experts in their field’s.

My Confession

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been juggling a little too much, trying to do everything myself.

I’ve reached out, and I’m building a team.

Building processes to deliver excellence as we work with small business owners to build the courses designed to give small business the tactics, the skills and the knowledge to take their business beyond their current struggles.

Oh, and back to Le Mis, if life is about struggle and our resilience to the challenge, let’s take on the challenge.

Helping Each Other with Practical Solutions

Let’s help our colleagues that are struggling. Those, who are looking for answers to the basic problems of owning and growing a business. Those that value the support. Let’s help them!

In doing so, you’ll be building trust with an audience you would have struggled to reach.

You’ll display your credibility and inspire them, and in doing so, you’ll show the value you offer your clients.

As these businesses grow, sometimes they’ll reach out for support.

Imagine prospects coming to you, knowing what you do, believing in your knowledge and understanding the value you offer. That really sets up a very simple sales discussion.

Imagine growing your business through helping your small business colleagues.

To join me in this quest, let’s chat to discuss how you can reach thousands of small business owners, without the spammy hype.

Come on, let’s take it to big business.

Bring on the revolution!

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