Who For?

People who feel that they need more direction. If you have been thinking “ How can I get more from my business?” this is for you!

IF you have ever asked yourself:

  • How can I be more productive?
  • Where does all the money go?
  • How can I grow my business?

This is the start of creating a business mindset.

What we will accomplish:

Hands on 1-day program to Build Your Business Plan

  • You will leave the room with a business plan to guide you through the next 12 months

We’ll provide you the framework and the questions to guide you through creating the plan!

You need to come with an open mind, focused on creating the business you have always wanted.

In the Room

We will address:

  • The challenges of developing a clear structure plan
  • Working as a team to keep you on track and stay focused
  • Take time out to GET THIS DONE and catch up on documenting what you need for success
  • Work on strategies to achieve your goals and to stay on track and keeping accountable

6 Key Focus Areas we will focus on – to Build Your Plan in a Day

We’ll start with Where the business is and what you want to achieve, identifying the gaps and what needs to be addressed in your plan:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Operations/process (Delivery of what you do)
  4. Business roles (the team)
  5. Financial and Cashflow
  6. New Horizons

Are you after building a team of advisors and working collaboratively to assist you in the achievement of your goals? Would you like to be held accountable as you take your business up a level?

Price – $497

Period: – 1 Day and is also included in the Mastermind Program – Collaborate for Growth

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