Are You Showing Your Clients You Care?

Are You Showing Your Clients You Care?

Melissa asked me the other day if we won the $70M Lotto, what would you do?

“I’d ramp it up” was my simple reply. I’d invest more in my clients, prospects and local small business.

My Passion – helping small business owners and entrepreneurs lead fulfilling and successful lives… connecting over 5000 small business owners, and helping them do Millions of dollars of business every year is my joy.

What do your Prospects see?

Let me challenge you briefly. Consider these key questions:

  1. Does your ideal client know they want to use what you do?
  2. If they were to search for ‘someone like you’, would they come across you?
  3. If you came onto their radar, would they see you investing in them?

Without a positive response for each of these questions, you’re going to have to lift.

Where you are in your business today is the only place you could be.

I’ve been to some pretty dark places. Made plenty of mistakes, and continue to learn from them.

Sometimes I find myself asking “Why don’t they get it?”

If I let it continue, the “blame game” gets started. You know the one – “If only they could see…”

Yep, it’s them, not me.

But it’s not – it’s me.

Being prepared to admit your frailties, your insecurities and your mistakes isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s the beginning of awareness.

Coming back to “they don’t get it” – the truth is, it’s not up to them.

The challenge is for you, for me, for us to change the message so “they” can see it.

In Amy Cuddy’s book Presence, she’s researched, and she’s from Harvard so we must take note, that there are two questions we ask when we meet someone for the first time:

  1. Can I trust this person?
  2. Can I respect this person?

Can I Trust this Person?

Trust in this sense is more about their intentions towards me. Can I trust that they have a good intention towards me? Or is this person out for themselves and not care for me?

Can I Respect this Person?

In a typically Australian fashion, are they just full of S#!t? Do they walk the talk?

Are their actions consistent with what they’re saying?

When we meet someone, we look for consistency. We search for congruence, confidence that this person is someone that will, in fact, follow through.

Can Your Prospects see your investment in them?

Every day I’m investing in small business in Brisbane. We have a team that supports Brisbane Small Business, the Facebook group. The collection of 5,000 local small business owners didn’t just spring up out of nowhere.

Maintaining the group and ensuring that it doesn’t become just another group full of self-promotion requires vigilance, persistence, and leadership.

The other day, I was asked by someone if BSB had a pool of high-value coaches. “You’re talking to one” was my first thought, and the answer is of course yes. A group like ours is very seductive for them, over 5000 small business owners in one place.

I see them come and go. Some stay and watch, like many in the group.

But few truly invest in the group.

Few share their best stuff.

Few share their true insights and their formula of success. Many just share platitudes you find all over Facebook and the web, some take the time to come up with their unique take on life and business.

Many simply watch, waiting for someone to ask a question, and BAM – “Buy Me, I’m Great” comes out.

When looking to work with someone, anyone, the first thing I look for is to see if they truly invest in their clients.

The Age of Entitlement

I hear this all the time – “those young kids, they feel entitled…” and I’ve got to say there must be some truth in this, like every stereotype.

In my experience, I’ve found this “entitlement trait” not only to exist in the young. It’s crept into society. It seems that someone’s to blame for all the bad in the world, and “they” should fix things.

Doesn’t it start with “us”? Shouldn’t “we” be the solution?

Wouldn’t a better approach be to start asking as JF Kennedy so eloquently put it “Ask not you’re your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?”

It’s Time to Stand Up

Take responsibility to commit.

Take action that shows your intent.

If you want to attract an audience, invest in them. Invest your time your energy and your dollars.

The drought has created such a challenge for our farmers and it’s time to take a stand. I’ve offered for the week, 50% of each new person to put their hand up, to join Brisbane Small Business as a premium member, to have us promote your business consistently to over 5000 small business owners… We’ll donate 50% of the first month’s income.

And I challenge you to do something about it. Join me in helping the farmers while you help promote your business. Simply go to we’ll promote your business to 5000 local small business owners consistently over the month, and onward. We’ll even give you membership as a learner of the Better Small Business School, and we’ll allow you to poll those 5,000 members with the questions you have for your ideal client.

Frank Walker of National Tiles is well known, every time I mention his name, people laugh, “Urgh, that guy, his voice… so annoying” and we only know him and his business because of the persistence of his advertising. He didn’t run one ad and go – Tried that, it didn’t work. He persisted until all of us know who he is. Be more like Frank, invest in your business, invest in consistency.

Most importantly, invest in helping your clients, even before they are your clients.

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