Melissa Stanford

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I joined the Growth Mentors Incubator program because I knew I needed more focus, my business was going well but something was holding me back.

Having a clear focus on what is most important and what the business is trying to achieve were both lacking. There is just so much going on in business that I found it challenging to keep track.

Before joining I was uncertain and lacked the confidence I needed to make it big in a really competitive industry. I knew that my business had a great servicing offering and exciting opportunities ahead, however there were some challenges I faced that I did not have the experience to manage effectively.

During the program there were constant light bulb moments. It was a comfortable environment with a really diverse group of people offering there input and all there to support one another. This has been beneficial in my professional development and growth in maturity as a business owner.

The program has provided a great platform to build my business, creating more consistency and really taking my business to the next level. In fact, in the next year I’m looking at doubling the income goal that I thought was outrageous at the start of the program.

Thank you to Kevin and everyone on the team for your faith in me, boosting my confidence and assisting me to achieve the success I already have.

Amber Worth

Ambient IT

Before I joined the Incubator, I was frustrated. 10 Years in the business and I felt like I was running in circles, or uphill, it was hard yards. We’d been working harder and harder for about the same result and I realised that we couldn’t afford to replace the directors.
We were really at our limit. So I thought what the heck, how can I lose. AND I DIDN’T…
Joining the group helped me think differently about the business. The time out of the business to look in was great, a few changes and a new approach helped us bill more than 20% more than usual for the last 2 months, and that was while we were down a couple of staff (Normally 6). So a great improvement on our before shot.
So, Great result, Great easy going approach and a great bunch. I’m really glad I joined.
Thanks everyone.

Jeff Polley

Rebel Media

Prior to joining Growth Mentors incubator program I was Busy. Busy running around and getting stuff done! Problem was, I just wasn’t billing enough or earning what I needed to keep my head above water.
Since joining, I’ve noticed a couple of things, I…

  1. 1. Had the opportunity to share my experience
  2. Found people to help with ideas and discuss where I’m going
  3. Been more focused ON the business not just in it
  4. Made time for Plans, Strategies and really understanding the numbers
  5. Developed consistency in the things I do allowing Growth, and Balance between developing the business and looking after clients.

The real change for me is in awareness. I now know and understand what I need to do to move towards the business I want. It’s been a great experience, kept me focused and I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to get moving and grow”

David Pitman


I’ve been doing the Incubator program since January 2015 – taking this on while in the process of launching a new business seemed like a risk, but it has turned out that anyone NOT doing this when launching a new business are the real risk takers…
It’s brought me to a place of clarity, focus, urgency and intelligent action. Imagine First’s programs do what they say on the box.
At a personal level, Kevin regularly goes well beyond the call of duty and clearly has “found his mojo” doing what he loves (and is really, really good at).


Since joining Growth Mentors and the Incubator Group, I have found the information presented invaluable. Meeting once a month is perfect and having a small group of 6 is a great size as everyone is able to ask questions and solve each other’s problems in a personal manner.
One of the best things about the Incubator group is that I received FREE coaching once a month from Kevin Gammie – Small Business Growth Specialist.
We take time to go through my business as a whole, not just one aspect and my business has grown immensely.
I have been given practical advice and tips which I have implemented and I am pleased to say that the money outlaid has been returned through my business tenfold.
Thank you!

Rosemaree Ellis

Stenhouse Recruitment Services

Kevin has been working with me over the past two months as a business and life coach. At each session we have delved into both my business and my personal goals. I have not worked with a coach before and have found the sessions to be productive and enlightening. Following each session I have come out with a clear picture of tasks to be achieved with the tools to achieve them. Kevin is a great listener and challenges the ‘status quo’ which is exactly what a business owner with many years experience needs! I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for direction and a path to follow for future success both personally and professionally.

John Lambert

Procure Executive Search

Kevin has listened and guided me carefully through some recent professional challenges and I have once again managed to achieve some valuable results in new business development and executive recruitment delivery. Kevin has very effectively walked me through some mindset blockages and has stood firm for who he knows me to be. He diplomatically refused to allow my ongoing negative views/rut to fester and kept reminding me that he knows I am capable of achieving so much more than I was allowing myself to believe.

Thanks for putting up with me Kevin, I’m now back on the way to the top and can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support.

Kynan Corsi

John Holland Group

I would like to thank Kevin for the wisdom and knowledge that he has instilled in me. I highly recommend his services and I will continue to work with Kevin in the future. He was a true professional, his sessions were well planned and structured to deliver on agreed outcomes. His questioning style was thought provoking and he could draw on various tools that have proven very successful for me in both the corporate and personal front.

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