How to Take Time and Money Out of the Sales Equation

How to Take Time and Money Out of the Sales Equation

If like me, you’re sick of hearing the two most common objections in a sales pitch – Time and Money, read on. There could be a better way.

I’m not about to tell you how to sell, but I am about to let you in on a secret. There’s help for your business – from the government.

I s#!t you not. The Government is serious about helping small business and is putting their money where their mouth is. True story – Let me tell you what I discovered in the last year.

Imagine This

Imagine for a minute that time and money were taken care of, your prospect no longer cared about these. All they cared about was how you could help them!

Here’s the secret: That’s all they really care about – but we’ve got some help.

Imagine your prospect could get your best high ticket service from you, the $10,000 one or the $20,000 one at 50% off. Do you think they would jump at it?

That’s exactly how I grew my business by $120,000 in two offerings in the last year. Oh, and I got paid in full.

It Started with an Innocent Conversation

A mate of mine in the coaching game was talking to me about helping people through government grants. I think I gave him a pretty disinterested look, rolled my eyes and went to move on.

He wouldn’t let it go. “Listen – I have a friend who helps people with grants, they’re able to open up opportunities for you.”

Now one thing I knew – Stephen’s smarter than me. So I did stop and listen.

He was talking about some programs helping people working from home. “It’s a no-brainer – it’s what you do.”

Looking into it, I could fit what I was doing into this program. The Grant was targeted at small business owners looking to get advice to help them build their business from home if they had a child under the age of 12.

This was back in 2015, we put in 14 applications and 7 of those people were accepted. They each received $2,500 to cover the cost of the program. It was a weekly group workshop, over a period of 8 weeks with some 1:1 support.

It was a strange grant, no risk on behalf of the recipient, no skin in the game (which made things interesting) and the only desired outcome was for the grant recipient to have a business action plan at the end of the process.

At first, I was disappointed with the result 7/14 until – I discovered that because of the conditions (no money down from the applicant) that this was so oversubscribed it wasn’t funny. I heard figures as high as seven times the desired applicants for this. And We’d achieved 1:2. Great Result…

Then Came a New Suite of Grants

Amongst them, the Entrepreneurs Grant.

Targeting businesses seeking Business Advice. Coaching/Mentoring, Marketing Strategy, Accounting Advice etc…

I started to promote this, got a couple of enquiries and the process started to snowball, in the end, we had six applicants.

I worked hard to understand the requirements, created a templated response and then sat down with applicants to complete the government forms. Once submitted all we could do was wait. And Wait. And wait some more.

You know when you’re expecting someone to show up how that last five minutes seems to take forever? Well, multiply that out by four weeks. It was excruciating – but Success! All six received the grant, at $10,000 each. Great, we’re on the way.

And to make sure it was no fluke we repeated the same 12 months later.

Here’s What I’ve Learned

First – The Government is serious about helping small business. I’d been pretty skeptical up until now.

Second – That when you take the time to create a great program it becomes easier to discuss this with prospects.

Third – when you have a deadline, in this case, imposed by the deadlines of the grant, people make decisions.

Fourth – it’s more fun to be busy delivering services you love than it is to be always in the marketing cycle.

Would you like to offer what you do for half price – And get paid full price?

There may be an opportunity for you.

There are many different grants available for SME’s in Australia.

Would you be interested in hearing more on how you could develop a program to target a grant and get more clients into your high ticket programs?

The next opportunity is the Small Business Digital Grant from Advance Queensland program. Want a checklist? Click here:

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