Want More Out of Your Efforts? Me Too

Want More Out of Your Efforts? Me Too

Move from meh to magic – Fast as…

How was your report card?

Mine – Meh…

Some great stuff, some setbacks, the usual.

Am I in a better position than 12 months back – Yes – but not where I want to be…

Sound Familiar?

I’m not getting any younger and I’m guessing your not either (hint, none of us are).

Time to Face My Demons

It’s time for me to grow up.

There have been Peter Pan complex comments in the past that I ignored because I believed I always had all the time in the world. Which of course I still do, just a little less than I had before as I’ll never get that time back.

I looked into last year.

  • BSB Growing by a couple of thousand in round numbers – Check
  • Angus (my dog) still alive – Check
    • There was an incident early in the year that made this a 50/50 proposition
  • Melissa still loves me – Check
    • Yep, another anniversary just passed and all is good
  • Coaching clients getting great results – Check
  • BSB School – Happening
  • Procrastination challenge – Well…
    • This got derailed
  • Four Seasons of Business – Well
    • Derailed also

Oh – so there’s a pattern, good stuff – a pattern. Not good stuff – a pattern.

History Never Repeats (is a big fat lie)

Remember Split Ends song, “History Never Repeats” . If you want to listen to some classic 80’s music, I put in a link just for fun.

Socrates in 400 BC stated:

If you see a result you want to repeat, just repeat the preceding steps, in the same order in order to repeat that same result.

It what is used in sales training by the greats such as Brian Tracey and also the basis of marketing research.

It works for stuff that’s not working out so well too.

When you look back at stuff that hasn’t worked, there can be some great information. When you look a little deeper, you, like I did, might be a pattern. Identifying the pattern is a critical step to solving the problem.

So in the “time to grow up” category, it’s time to stop with the Stockholm syndrome and excuse making of “that’s just who I am/what I do” and get on with stopping that.

If you don’t recognise the pattern maybe talk to someone about it and get some help. This can be a friend, someone you trust in business or even a coach/mentor. Just get on with identifying the problem.

Problem pattern identified, Fantastic. You’re ready for the three-step solution.

Three-Step Solution

  1. Commit
  2. Strategy
  3. Focus

Step One: Commit

You don’t have to have a commitment phobia to miss this one. It’s in 98% of the population. In Think and Grow Rich it’s suggested that 98% of the world fail to achieve success in life. Sounds harsh, but hey… let’s get out of that group.

Committing to our goals is the biggest challenge people face. Lots of us have goals, I’ll propose that few fully commit to them. It’s one of the 10 Deadly Sins of Small Business owners. We’ll come back to this another day.

Commitment isn’t just writing something down or sharing it with others. It’s like being pregnant, your committed or your not.

You can’t commit until you have a setback, maybe someone says no, or you break your arm or I don’t know something happens, even something really serious at home, it doesn’t matter, if you’re committed you’ll find a way.

Now if this is sounding a bit much, try a smaller commitment.

Break your project down into smaller chunks.

Commit to a smaller success step first. Maybe world peace isn’t your thing anyway.

Break your business into something you can control, something you can accept responsibility for. Then commit to that.

Step Two: Strategy

When we’re creating a strategy, it’s important to remember, your first strategy may not work.

When I started Brisbane Small Business, it took 10 months to get 100 members – Success? I think not. I didn’t give up. I just found lots of stuff that didn’t work. Is our process today perfect – I think not.

Explore, experiment, play.

Then analyse, measure and review.

Out of that create a strategy that you can constantly improve. Create a process as quickly as you can that produces a predictable (rewarding) result.

Build a process and create a framework within which you have the freedom to make necessary adjustments that will produce what you want.

Step Three: Focus

We’re doing well if you’ve got this far, however…

Focus is often confused with focusing on just one great idea – that’s not it at all. Its actually saying no to the 100’s of other great ideas and remaining true to just the one.

Make sure when you decide to commit that the idea, the objective is strong enough, inspiring enough for you to be fully committed to the completion of this goal.

When you’re tempted by other shiny projects, the inspiration of the initial goal needs to be your true north, your compass.

Stay committed to the achievement of your goal. Let that be your focus.

Will you have setbacks? Probably – Just reset the strategy, keep exploring for a strategy that delivers. Focus on improving the process and delivering the outcomes.

Your clients deserve it, you deserve the rewards, your family deserves the rewards.

Time to Stick it to Big Business

Big Business employ only 32% of Australia’s population yet produce 44% of the ‘value add’ while small business, you and I account for 44% of the working population and produce only 31% of the value-add.

Big Business is kicking our arse… Let’s fight back.

Commit to being great in your field.

Develop a Strategy that will deliver success to your clients and family.

Focus on improving what you do and helping more clients.

You’ll lift your business out of ‘meh…’ into ‘Magic!” In very short time.

If you’d like to find out the ‘10 Deadly Sins of Small Business’ reach out and I’ll send you my gift to help you develop strategies ensuring success in 2018.

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