Melbourne Cup, animal activist and small business? What’s it really about?

Every year with the publicity around horse racing with the Melbourne Cup, you find the animal activists utilising the opportunity to push their agenda. This is of course a great marketing strategy, using ‘the oppositions’ key brand & events to promote your cause… but that’s not what this is about today.

Have you ever really wanted something, to achieve something but you just kept getting in your own way? Self sabotage kicking in at precisely the moment where you could have taken another BIG step in the right direction. It’s frustrating right?

One of the things I see as a small business coach is people getting in their own way. Now don’t for one minute think I’m not including myself in this. Of course I’ve been there.

Can you think of a time where one part of you really wanted to do one thing with your business yet another part seemed to be holding you back? Think of that time.  How did it feel, what does it look like or what were you telling yourself at the time. How frustrating is it?

What’s this got to do with animal activists and the Horse racing industry? We’re getting there… Trust me.

I was working with a client recently. He’s a very outgoing guy, gregarious, the life of the party style, he’s a great networker and can collect people around him effortlessly. Yet often when it comes to expanding his business, he starts to hesitate, he stumbles and the business goes back a gear. He retreats and keeps the status quo. Has this ever happened to you?

Through some questioning we found that he had two warring parts.  On one hand he wanted to grow the business but on the other he didn’t want to take on the risk of a larger team. Part of that was he didn’t want to let anyone down, and he’d seen the business grow and retract before. He didn’t like to have to put staff off. So he had two parts challenging for attention and direction.

That’s when we come back to the Racing industry and activists… On face value they seem to have very different agendas, yet if you were to ask them to look to a higher purpose, they both love and wish to care for the animals well being.  If you forget about tactics for a minute, both these parties are seeking the exact same thing. They’re looking for the well being of the animals first.

If you think about it for a minute, the racing industry ultimately derive there income from the well being of the animals, they love, care for and nurture the animals so they can be in the best shape, mentally and physically.

The activists want the animals to live long and happy lives.  They see this as the ultimate goal. They live to protect the animals, often feeling that people are doing a great many things to treat animals inhumanly. They feel it’s their role to protect the animals from harm.

So if we were to go to a higher level of purpose, aren’t these two parties trying to achieve the same goal?

Just like my client.  Both parts were looking to give him and his family a better life.  Building the business would achieve that with some risk. The other part was trying to ensure that he didn’t take on the risk so that he would have a happy life and time with his family. Of course this is a simplified version of the story but this is what was at the heart of it. The two parts were trying to achieve the same goal.

When we did some work to integrate the parts, the challenges seemed to disappear, the self sabotage stopped and he was able to move forward with purpose, understanding that as long as he was aware of the risk, and kept this to a manageable level, he should progress with expanding the business.  After all it would give him and his family what they really wanted… A better and more fulfilling life, filled with challenge, success and quality time together.

If you find you have two warring parts, give me a call. Let’s discuss strategies to Accelerate your Success. You can reach me at Imagine First on 07 3121 3272.

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