Four Ways to Help Your Business

Like you, I’m a small business owner. I appreciate some of the challenges you face. It can be lonely, sometimes you have questions you’d just like an answer to and at others you wish you could find an easy inexpensive way to stand out from the crowd. I started the Brisbane Small Business Community with […]

Why You Should Care About the Budget?

Another Federal budget and we’re all another year older. The question remains, should we care? Isn’t this all just political mumbo jumbo – smoke and mirrors? And with the challenges of the upper house and getting legislation through, will this be reflected in what actually happens? Let’s take these one at a time: Should we […]

Classy Kurt Fearnley – Thanks… Look Forward to Your Next Challenge

There’s Always a Bigger Game – Focus on That For Kurt, instead of being disappointed about who saw what with the closing ceremony, he simply let it slide – it wasn’t important in the big scheme. Here’s Kurt’s view or click here http://www.news.com.au/sport/commonwealth-games/kurt-fearnley-addressed-commonwealth-games-closing-ceremony-disgrace/news-story/839e33ddab29490c8eef18de95cf8aef Hiccups, bumps in the road and ultimately what others think really shouldn’t […]

Levelling the Business Playing Field

Being a small business owner is tough. Some days are great and you fly through everything, then there are the others. Small business life can be like “Le Misérables” life as a struggle, I’ll come back to this a bit later. How the Better Small Business School will Level the Playing Field If you’re a […]

Networking – Making It Work

I’d like to pretend I like Networking, but that’s not true. I get a little anxious, at worst terrified. I put on my best smile and bravado. Often it runs to a script something akin to this; I find another lonely stranger, Confess my unease and often find they share my feelings. Great, we’ve something […]

Want More Out of Your Efforts? Me Too

Move from meh to magic – Fast as… How was your report card? Mine – Meh… Some great stuff, some setbacks, the usual. Am I in a better position than 12 months back – Yes – but not where I want to be… Sound Familiar? I’m not getting any younger and I’m guessing your not […]